Apearance Edit


Meloetta has a note-like item on her head. Her hair is green, and it has black stripes and blue dots. She wears a bib that says Let's Eat! and holds a cupcake. Her dress is gray and has a green stripe in the middle. Her skin is white, except the back of her head, which is gray. Her eyes are blue. She has a gem connected by a string.

Behavior Edit

Meloetta likes the guard a bit more than Dave, which makes her the 2nd one to move. She doesn't like her, though...

Locations Edit

Meloetta starts at the Show Stage, moves to the Party Room (in the episodes, you didn't see it), the West Hall, and finally, the Office.

Strategy Edit

When you see her outside the door, close it as soon as possible. Check the cameras to see where she is.

Trivia Edit

  • In Five Nights at Freddy's, Bonnie and Chica are said to be dating, but this time, it's like Freddy and Chica.
  • Meloetta comes in the West Hall, unlike her buddies.