Appearance Edit

Dave and Alex
Custom Night 2

Dave has a green suit. His stomach and head is brown. His tail is green with an orange tip. He has spikes on his head. His feet are brown with claws. He has brown triangles, and a brown spot on the back of his head. His nose is Orange, and he has a permanent smile. He holds a guitar.

Strategy Edit

When Dave comes at the door, close it. Check on him through the cameras to see where he is.

Behavior Edit

Dave hates the security guard, so he's the first animatronic to move. He might not always be the first to approach you, though.

Locations Edit

Dave starts at the Show Stage, then moves to the Backstage Room, then the Party Room, the East Hallway, and finally, the Office.

Trivia Edit

  • Dave is John's BEST buddy.
  • He and Alex don't get along well, as Dave wants to kil the guard, and Alex doesn't.